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The aim of this blog is to chart the progress of a modest home energy efficiency refurbishment project which we are starting in Stoke Newington. This project was initiated by Fran and Jamie from the Buildings Group at Transition Town Stoke Newington and aims to demonstrate to the wider community the range of measures which can be applied to homes in the N16 area.

North London homes are for the most part beautiful but inefficient, draughty, solid wall Victorian terrace homes. This means that they burn through a lot of energy, cost a lot to run and generate substantial CO2 emissions. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Hopefully we will inspire others from Stoke Newington to take steps to reduce their home’s energy consumption and live a more comfortable, low carbon life.

In order to help this transition we will use this blog to describe the multitude of ways in which you can reduce energy consumption in the home, from the very simplest light bulb up to the most advanced wall insulation.  Some of the content in the blog will be quite technical but it is our hope to explain these solutions in a clear and accessible way. The comments below each post are the place to pose questions or ask for clarifications.

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1 Yvonne Ryszkowska November 12, 2010 at 11:25 am

Hi Jamie

We have finished our building plans and are starting the work in January sometime. At the moment, I am investigating the photo-voltaic cells. We are going to put those on the main roof. We will also have a smaller lower roof over an extension with the bathroom in it and were wondering whether if it would be better to put PV cells or solar-thermal cells on it.
What would you recommend?
Also do you know of any good installers in London?

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