Thinking of going solar? Now’s the time.

by admin on October 25, 2011

** Important Update Below**

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It’s now looking increasingly likely that the Government will make a substantial cut in the feed in tariff (FIT) starting from next financial year.

It’s absolutely right that the FIT for solar photovoltaics should be cut because there has been a big reduction in prices over the last year or so and this should be reflected in the incentive, but there’s a real chance that the cut will be considerably bigger than this drop.

Whatever happens, if you’ve been thinking about installing solar PV on your roof then now is the time to do it. If you are interested in going ahead with it then please get in touch because we’ve hooked up with a local installation company which is offering very competitive rates.

As ever you should also be thinking seriously about reducing your energy demand as far as possible in parallel with installing microgeneration. There are lots of tips on this blog so please take the time to have a look around. If you have any particular queries then feel free to drop us a line.


There are suggestions that the reduction in Feed In Tariff could come as soon as the 8th December. A system would need to be installed, commissioned and registered for the FIT by that date. If correct then this means that there is very little time left.


The government has published the proposals for the revision of the FIT tariffs. The proposed tariff reduction will be from 43.3p/kWh to 21p/kWh. The proposed cut off date is the 12th December rather than the 8th but that still gives very little time.

Also proposed is a minimum level of household energy efficiency in order to be eligible for the FIT. This last point makes a lot of sense as energy efficiency measures should be adopted before microgeneration, but it could make a lot of homes in Stoke Newington ineligible if an Energy Performance Certificate rating of C or above is adopted.

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